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Guardians of Ghael – Urban FANTASY

Fox Trap – Guardians of Ghael Book 1

A Paranormal Scifi detective series.

Lies. Shifters. and Space Vampires
Elly Morgan is a PI on the hunt for a killer making a blood buffet of her people — the legendary Seannach. Blaine Cornell, the Chief Inspector from Lumina, is in her way.  They’ll have to learn to trust each other with their deepest secrets to catch a killer.

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Freedom Bound – Serialized SFR
Still Life
Solar Flame – Beyond the Road Series
Guardians of Ghael
Galactic Geishas

Freedom Bound

Meet Corrie and Mat, both struggling in their corporate run worlds and looking for a way out. Together, they’re finding their way but will they be bound by freedom or Freedom Bound? This is a six novella serial, each episode builds upon the previous one.

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Freedom Bound Series


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Still Life

Meet Jody Benson from Freedom Bound. This is her story. She’s a heroine with brains and brawn and an agent for the Freedom Road, the secret society that helps corporate slaves run from unending indenture. Her mission is about to come crashing down, literally, into astrobiologist Ewan Stewart’s life work. Sexy nerd meets sexy ninja!

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A Scifi Romance series.
In a world of galactic boardrooms and uniformity, the geisha of the Hokai Alliance have found a place. Cordoba Conglomerate is adapting their centuries long tradition of glamour and charm to enhance their winning boardroom strategies. Ancient culture and brutal corporatocracy collide in this steamy Solar Flame series.

Currently releasing on October 17 on all formats through the Other Worlds Collection.

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Cosmic Cabaret – Where hearts collide in the greatest show in space.
Stars Shining Bright Above   by Jayne Fury is in this limited run compilation.

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