Snippet for Freedom Bound

A snippet from the delicious Bodice Ripping Ninjas In Space series – Freedom Bound Prologue!  All the published episodes for this ongoing serial are HERE!  And don’t forget to sign up for the New Release Alert on the side panel! —> 

FB_Ep1a“This is Marlin Leader 1 to Marlin Squadron, locate and advise.”

“This is Koi leader 2,  Lieutenant! Glad you could join the party!”  Lieutenant Andrew Arundel, the flight leader of Koi group, broke in.

“Bogeys, mark 4, 2.5 and 8,” Jody’s voice cut him off.

“The hell?”

“They’ve been prepared. The drones are ignoring us and going straight for the ship. Incisor attacks. Join in my squadron till you can find yours.”

“No dice, Arundel.” Corrie steered her craft out of the way of the incoming attacking fighters as Koi group proceeded to engage. She flipped her ship on its dorsal before steering it down from her previous position. “Did you locate them yet, Jody?”

“Nope, can’t find them anywhere… I hope they’re OK…What the…” Corrie saw it over her right shoulder just as Jody whispered. First there was the flash of light. The incoming shockwave was visible in the havoc it wreaked in its path. Ships, debris, drones, everything moved in an undulating path of destruction.

This is gonna leave a mark.