Guardians of Ghael

Lies. Shifters. Space Vampires.

Guardians of Ghael is a genre mashup of urban fantasy and scifi. It’s the lovechild of Bones and Cowboy Bebop. Serious fun. The universe background is from Solar Flame – but parsec after parsec and a milennium apart.

Fox Trap – Guardians of Ghael Book 1

When Elly Morgan, a foxkin ex-cop-turned-PI on a government mission, encounters her murderous quarry in an alley he is far more than can handle.
Detective Blaine Cornell, the Chief Inspector from Lumina, is also sent to track the same serial killer.
But Blaine is keeping a secret–one that will launch them into a life-and-death struggle to save her kindred.

FOX ON THE RUN  – coming in 2017