Terraforming or Terrorism?

Still Life: A SpecFic SciFi Romance

Remember Jody from Freedom Bound? Well, she’s the star of the next book in the Solar Flame series about Bodice Ripping (sic) Ninjas in Space!

STILL LIFE is not just an episode, it’s a full length novella with a beginning, middle and an end. No kidding.

Terraforming or Terrorism? His future is her next target.

     Aboard Ebudae, a cargo ship of the Cordoba Constellar Conglomerate, Captain Jody Benson, who, for the purpose of her undercover operation is posing Specialist Jody Wall, is on her way to the remote, uninhabited ice planet of Tapogoani XII. The climate can kill.

Jody’s mission? For the sake of millions of freed slaves, she will destroy all traces of an old Freedom Road stop. Jody wakes up from a leisurely nap only to find that the ship she’s on is crashing into an ice planet and nobody else aboard is alive.

     Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts is excited that finally his equipment is arriving, only to realize that Ebudae is crashing. As he watches in horror, his sidekick the robotic companion, Six, accompanies him to the site to locate the one remaining crew member that is still alive, Benson.

And that’s just the beginning!   

Along the way, Jody and Ewan must learn to trust one another. They’ll have to rely on each other and fight a common enemy— the freezing planet and the storms that threaten to kill them—before the relief ship arrives.