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Come to the Cabaret!

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What’s new, Jayne? COSMIC CABARET – a concept anthology – that’s what’s new. Though sharing a cabaret on a space cruise liner was an idea that I conceived of,  it’s been brought to life by some of the best and brightest new and established faces of Speculative Fiction Romance.

Preorder today! During preorder this anthology is $2.99 and after release it will be $4.99.  Why so high? SFRSS would like everyone to recognize quality work with measurable compensation. Please say you agree by clicking and preordering.

What is SFRSS? Speculative Fiction Romance Shooting Stars is a collective of authors in the speculative fiction romance genre. Our mission is to bring the best of speculative fiction romance to you. I’m a founding member of this group that produced a wonderful anthology, last year, called Baby It’s Cold In Space.

Speculative Fiction? It’s a term coined by Robert Heinlein to encompass a wide variety of fiction:  science fictionfantasysuperhero fictionscience fantasyhorror and supernatural fiction. Combine speculative fiction with romance and you get wonderful new worlds to visit and romance.

Come to the cabaret and meet these authors and their contributions to the vision!

Inside the set:

Catch a Falling Star by CJ Cade

Starlight by Kerry Adrienne

Midnight at Andromeda’s by Tessa McFionn

Stars Shining Bright Above by Jayne Fury

Star-Studded Love by Rosalie Redd

Forbidden Alliance by Athena Grayson

Razer’s Edge by Selene Grace Silver

A Dance of Fallen Stars by Kat Vancil

Vordol’s Vow by Dena Garson

Hide and Peek by Blaire Edens

Educated by the Master by Cailin Briste

Comets and Caviar by Jenna Lincoln

Star Searchers by Diana Rivis

SFRSS (through the courtesy of SFR ROMANCE BRIGADE) Presents…

Where Hearts Collide in the Greatest Show in Space

Come aboard Blue Star line’s crown jewel, the LS Quantum, a luxury starship traveling through space and time. You’ll meet princes and star sultans, solve a murder, track a thief, plan the ultimate jewel heist, and encounter futuristic rock stars on the lam, cirque stars who want the quiet life, and dancers who want fame.

Join thirteen USA Today, Amazon best-selling, and award-winning speculative fiction romance authors as they twist their own tales on the decks and in the dance halls of LS Quantum.

Embark on a journey to fall in love at the Cosmic Cabaret.

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SFR Brigade Showcase – Two for the show!

it’s sfr brigade showcase time!

Normally, on Friday you’ll see some kickass chicks of real life or fiction. But today, I’ve joined up with some other fabulous science fiction romance authors as part of the SFR Brigade Showcase.To check out all the other great posts from the featured authors, click here. Amazing authors of sci-fi romance to be discovered!

Ok… let’s go!



I’m excited to share the 99¢ Pre-Order of a SCIFIROM/ParanormalRom Book Set, OTHERWORLDS.
I’m participating in this book set with twenty other up and coming, award winning and superawesome authors.


Amazing Adventures, hours of fun. Read the best stories from the Best Authors in Other Worlds. These fresh voices of SFR and PNR take you on a journey to immortal realms and extraterrestrial territories where your imagination takes flight and fantasies come to life.

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two! (for the show)

FREEDOM BOUND: SLIPPING THE LEASH (serial part 4) — preorder party!!

Remember Corrie? Freedom Bound’s heroine is back! I’m celebrating the pre-order and upcoming release of… Freedom Bound: SLIPPING THE LEASH which includes the next three episodes of my six part novel being released as a serial: Freedom Bound.

This has been a long project for me, one of my ‘learning experience’ books that I decided to take a chance on serializing.

Here’s a quick excerpt (see, I said show!!!)

“No harm no foul.” Her voice was clipped as she tried to shrug it off, but her legs were still wobbling,  “You pack a hell of a kiss.”

He blushed. He actually blushed. It was so damn adorable. He re-adjusted the towel around his middle trying to be inconspicuous about the bulge. A bulge that was not going away, she noticed with greedy eyes. His flush deepened. “Please, don’t be offended.” He bent down to retrieve her towel.

“I’m the one that’s sorry.” she offered.

The guy is blushing. He’s modest? Moral?  Quaint?  Charming? It was old fashioned in a way that Corrie had only read about in ancient books about chivalry.

Corrie smiled, feeling shy for the first time in years.  She took the towel from his hand and resisted the urge to curtsy.

“Here, you must be cold.” His hand warmed her while his gaze lingered on the tight pink peaks of her breasts, perking them further. The corner of his lips quirked a smile before he averted his gaze.

She wrapped the towel around herself. His is eyes darted back, skimmed her in approval, and dipped away.

“I won’t bother you again,” he said.

Okay? Why not? You confusing… frustrating… hunk of hotness. “I’ll um… see you around?” She twirled and left the bathroom quickly as unexpected heat rose to her cheeks. She crossed the hallway and found her door, pressing her palm to the reco-key.

The door clicked open to her room and she stepped in and shut it quickly behind her. Corrie took a deep ragged breath as she closed her eyes. A light flickered on and off at the query panel but she ignored it. It wasn’t Jody. That wouldn’t come until after her meeting. It was probably one of the background checks she’d ordered. Either Bob, or Mat.

It didn’t matter.

In six hours, she would be meeting with Bob again and with luck had a meeting with a spoiled rich asshat named Mateu Parker.


Each episode is only 99¢ and the first is FREE!

Check it out now!




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SFR Showcase! Nazi Slaying Maquis Ninja: Nancy Wake


SFRB-ShowcaseBannerWow! For Today’s Femme Friday, I’ve joined up with some other fabulous science fiction romance authors as part of the SFR Brigade Showcase.To check out all the other great posts from the featured authors, click here. Amazing authors of sci-fi romance to be discovered!

Writers often take their inspiration from real life. As an author of Science Fiction Romance, my inspirations can go anywhere and here is one of them. My Solar Flame series is inspired by tales of real women such as this.

Nancy_Wake_(1945)New Zealanders are made of strong stuff. I’ve met more than a few and I can honestly say that they brook no  nonsense. Nancy Wake was born in the gusty heights of Roseneath, Wellington in New Zealand and though she left her land of birth with her family at a young age, the NZ tough blood ran strong. That’s Maori blood for you. And yes, her great-grandmother was Maori who was (it is said) the first Maori maiden to marry outside of her tradition.

Who is Nancy Wake? After you read about her, you’ll think Hollywood made her up. But no. She was real. She was known by aliases through WWII. The SOE referred to her as Helene. The French Resistance (maquis) called her Andrée. But the most famous name she was given, and one she bore with pride, was given to her by the Gestapo. They called her “The White Mouse”. She ran rings around them frustrating all attempts at capture and it earned her that code name. Her bravery was not bravado. One cannot do the things she did for bluster and swagger. No her swagger was inborn not man-made. But her cause was justice, righteousness and freedom.

.[amazon asin=0752454854&template=iframe image] [amazon template=iframe image1&asin=1486219608]

 She is one of the most decorated woman of WWII being recognized with Medal of Freedom (USA), Companion of the Order of Australia, George Medal (UK), and France awarded her with the Médalle de la Resistance, Croix de Guerre (3x), and the Officer de la Legion d’Honneur. Finally, she was (after many petitions by her countrymen) honored with the RSA Badge of Gold (NZ).

220px-Charlotte_gray_ver2You can find first account interviews with Nancy Wake on YouTube and you can read her biographical account of her life in many books, including her own autobiography. There was a UK television series Wish Me Luck which was based on her exploits. Dialogue for the show was lifted directly from her autobiography. Movies for TV and Hollywood were made about her exploits and the other women of WWII’s SOE (Special Operations Executive). The film, which composites her story with her peers, is called Charlotte Gray and I urge you to have a look[amazon asin=B00005JKTF&template=add to cart].

How did she get to France? To England? To the War in Europe? That, too, is a story in the telling. She inherited 200£ and with that emigrated to England to go to school for journalism. Plans changed. She met and married a wealthy French industrialist and settled into Marseilles. Six months later, the Germans invaded France. What drove her to join the resistance? The persecution of the Jews by the Nazis.It was a kind of injustice she felt reviled by, that would not stand in the world as long as she was living and breathing in it.

wake1In 1933, Wake’s newspaper beat took her to Vienna to do a story on the new German Chancellor,  Adolf Hitler. As the story goes, Wake interviewed Hitler, got the official party line, and then watched as gangs of Nazi thugs roamed the streets of Vienna locating Jews and beating them with no remorse.  Wake, horrified by this blatant and unchecked persecution, vowed to oppose Hitler at any opportunity. She and her husband joined the French Resistance. He remained behind to continue working in the maquis underground while she became a courier.

And when I say courier… holy crap. She once cycled 500km in 71 hours through Nazi occupied territory, through checkpoints, over dangerous countryside, over mountains, hiding out only for brief rest, to deliver replacement codes for a resistance cell her wireless operator had been forced to destroy them in a German raid. Talk about ninja powers! How did she get through? A little slap and tickle and a lot of flirting with the Germans at the checkpoints. She was a ninja! The literal translation of ninja is spy. Did you know? Now you do.

After she escaped Francewith a five million franc bounty on her head put there by the Gestapo—by crossing the Pyrenees into Spain (Hey! the Camino de Santiago does that! I’m about to do that myself but… not the same) she headed to Britain and joined the SOE to be trained in guerrilla warfare. Then she parachuted back into central France to locate and organize the scattered maquis cells. Blunt speaking, when one of her agents found her after a parachute drop, she was tangled in a tree. He remarked that he hoped all trees could bear such beautiful fruit. Nancy’s reply was to tell him not to give her any of that “French sh*t”.  Which amuses the heck out of me as her family origin, besides being Maori, was French (Huguenot).

Together with her compatriots, she organized the nightly supplies parachute drops into ammunitions and arms caches and arranged wireless network communications with England.  for D-Day and the Allies invasion which would turn the tide of the war by weakening the German army. Nancy led her maquisard men and women in the targeting of German installations, convoys and troops to further that end. Nancy’s sector gave the Nazi Reich the most heartburn. She had swelled their ranks from 3000 to 7000 with her skill at organization and recruitment. The Nazis, having had enough sent 22,000 troops, along with artillery, mortar, aircraft, mobile guns, to obliterate this Fortress of Franch-The Auvergne.  22,000 vs 7000. The maquis were outnumbered but they knew they had to inflict damage, heavy damage, before escape. And they did. That day the Resistance left 100 of their own and 1400 of the enemy laying on the plateau.

And she was a leader. During her wartime journey she led a raid on Gestapo headquarters, at a German gun factory she killed a sentry with her bare hands to keep him from alerting the guard. She was a soldier and as a soldier had to execute other spies, including another female spy that her own maquis were unable to bring themselves to kill. “Do you think the Nazis would have the same pity for me?”

She was the kind of woman that I wish I could be. A woman of fearlessness and resolve. It is this example that I use to bring kickass ninjas like Corrie Scott in my serial Freedom Bound to life.


Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! Freedom Bound is Firefly meets Buck Rogers with a bit of boudoir. Follow the series on convoluted romps through space with smart, super sexy females and their companions. Happily for now, guaranteed.

Welcome to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control our heroines’ lives. How do they win sovereignty over their own lives and their loves? In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses. Can they trust each other long enough to win this dangerous game?


Grab ALL the episodes of this serial!

Buy links:

Episode 1, Freedom Bound: Prologue FREE

Episode 2, Freedom Bound: Unhinged

Episode 3, Freedom Bound: Mateu

Episode 4, Freedom Bound: Coriander

Freedom Bound Amazon Series Page

10523987_10152279313750382_1139141219800348008_nJayne Fury is a SCIFIROM author who writes pulpy serials about bodice ripping ninjas in space. She lives on her urban farm in the Pacific Northwest with her three cats, five chickens and extremely tolerant husband. If asked, she will deny that she’s creating nest in her office out of old socks and wooly pooffs. She is also a performer in Tacoma’s one and only Ukulele Sing-a-long Circus. Her project, FREEDOM BOUND,  is currently publishing on

Where to find Jayne! (Other than here!)

Amazon Author Page: Jayne Fury’s Author Page

Twitter: jaynefury

Facebook: JayneFury

Instagram: JayneFury


SFR Brigade Showcase : Heinlein wrote SciFi Romance

SFRB-ShowcaseBannerWow! For Today’s Femme Friday, I’ve joined up with some other fabulous science fiction romance authors as part of the SFR Brigade Showcase.To check out all the other great posts from the featured authors, click here. Amazing authors of sci-fi romance to be discovered!

I’m celebrating the release of Freedom Bound: Coriander, the next episode in the serial.


I’m asking the question of myself, my fellow authors, and you, what makes a Science Fiction Romance (SFROM) heroine archetype? Why are SFROM heroines the ones more likely to kick in the door, fire the blaster, rescue the slave babies and generally walk into a firefight with nothing but a bare midriff and chutzpah?

Want more questions? Why is SFROM the medium for romance that frees the heroine to carry the gun? Why are they more likely to be both sexy and lethal? Not all, generally, go around slashing evil-doers throats but SF has a higher percentage of deathmetal broads than the new Roller Derby Romance genre does, by about a billion fold.

This is not to say that all SFROM heroines are created equally. So, let’s look at some awesome past examples of Space Opera heroines, starting with the Space Princess.

To up my space opera geek cred, I recently plod through Heinlein’s Glory Road, arguably not the best of his work… but still widely read and respected. Glory Road is Heinlein’s homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs: a tale of an American solider seduced by a fair princess into taking on all manner of alien and fantastical foes. And yes, some may argue that this is Heinein’s only work of fantasy but Star is the Empress of the Multiverse so right there… Come on! Space Princess! Ok, Space Empress but you get the idea.

The first time I saw the cover of this book I was greeted with this lovely 1960’s pulpy shmaltz. starUp front is blonde hourglass perfection in Robin Hood attire sashaying through what appears to be a haunted forest. Is she carrying a sword? Sweet! Not your typical SciFi. However, Star is probably the best example of archetypical Space Princess. Sadly, Star is underused as a strong female heroine and over-used as a plot point. When reading though, I had to remind myself the era it was written in, much in the same way that I have to remind myself that Captain Kirk was also a byproduct of his time, and read the 1960’s style sexism as a “quaint anachronism” rather than a rage response. Despite this, as a study of Space Princesses, you can’t overlook Star. She is lethal. She is soft. She is smart. She is clever. She is the catalyst of the change in the hero, Oscar, and conflict of the story is controlled by the romance between the two. This makes Glory Road a SciFiRom. What? Really? Heinlein was a romance writer? Yup.

Pulpy goodness.

Why do strong female protagonist and SciFi Romance go together so well? Do all SciFi Princesses have to be killer ninjas? Not all!  Know who else is a Space Princess?


Nope. I lied. But I had you going there for a second. She’s more of a super space ninja, though. Not unlike my heroine Corrie Scott in Freedom Bound. Corrie is not a space princess, but she is a genetic freak of nature, like Miss Zor-el. You see her up there, with the prerequisite midriff shot. Corrie does not have a cape. Yet. I’m pondering the boots.

But Jayne, what about Leia!? What about the Princess of Helium, Dejah Thoris? Well duh. These are our archetypes for the female heroine they are both courageous and resolute as well as vulnerable. We meet Leia when she’s about to be captured. Her Mommy, Amidalah, was also made of the same tough stuff. They used heavy diplomatic chops to their advantage to get things done. When that didn’t work they pulled out the blasters.


Amidalah – Space Princess with blaster and belly.

But when we meet Leia, we immediately think, “Just  another princess that needs saving. Except that she isn’t a snivelly wimpy whiner of a princess. She’s made of tough stuff, despite having the pretty white dress and the cinnamon buns on her head. Hrm… hairstyles of space princesses? Ok, another day. She practically spits in Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader’s faces, and when she finally is rescued her first reaction is a volly is at her rescuer, “Little short to be a stormtrooper…” Smartassy and sassy. After which she promptly finds a blaster and helps fend off the bad guys while they make their escape. That’s our SciFi heroine, she knows she can count on herself, if not her entourage. Let’s just forget about that painful bikini trope usage for now and concentrate on the fact that Leia saved her man from the carbonite. Lucas was obviously having a Dejah Thoris fanboy fantasy flashback.

Ok maybe we should talk briefly about the bikini…


Dejah Thoris – Space Princess


Leia… slave girl space princess

Despite Thoris’ nudist tendencies, she really was a kickass heroine. You’ll have to read Burroughs yourself to truly appreciate her. The difference between the Leia costume and that of Thoris? Leia’s was designed to denigrate a princess to a slave. Thoris was uh, warm. Yeah, ’cause Mars.


10523987_10152279313750382_1139141219800348008_nJayne Fury is a SCIFIROM author who writes pulpy serials about bodice ripping ninjas in space. She lives on her urban farm in the Pacific Northwest with her three cats, five chickens and extremely tolerant husband. If asked, she will deny that she’s creating nest in her office out of old socks and wooly pooffs. She is also a performer in Tacoma’s one and only Ukulele Sing-a-long Circus. Her project, FREEDOM BOUND,  is currently publishing on