Terraforming or Terrorism?

Still Life: A SpecFic SciFi Romance

Remember Jody from Freedom Bound? Well, she’s the star of the next book in the Solar Flame series about Bodice Ripping (sic) Ninjas in Space!

STILL LIFE is not just an episode, it’s a full length novella with a beginning, middle and an end. No kidding.

Terraforming or Terrorism? His future is her next target.

     Aboard Ebudae, a cargo ship of the Cordoba Constellar Conglomerate, Captain Jody Benson, who, for the purpose of her undercover operation is posing Specialist Jody Wall, is on her way to the remote, uninhabited ice planet of Tapogoani XII. The climate can kill.

Jody’s mission? For the sake of millions of freed slaves, she will destroy all traces of an old Freedom Road stop. Jody wakes up from a leisurely nap only to find that the ship she’s on is crashing into an ice planet and nobody else aboard is alive.

     Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts is excited that finally his equipment is arriving, only to realize that Ebudae is crashing. As he watches in horror, his sidekick the robotic companion, Six, accompanies him to the site to locate the one remaining crew member that is still alive, Benson.

And that’s just the beginning!   

Along the way, Jody and Ewan must learn to trust one another. They’ll have to rely on each other and fight a common enemy— the freezing planet and the storms that threaten to kill them—before the relief ship arrives.

WeWriWa 3/19/17

Freedom Bound Episode 3: Mateu


So here we are, Episode 3 is being rereleased after some heavy edits. New cover. Rebrand!

What is in the new book? Why is it better? Why do you need it? There’s less naval gazing and more trust in the reader to understand and inhabit the world.

This vignette is a little earlier in the episode than last week’s.

Corrie has just gotten aboard a transport ship, bought a ticket in steerage and has made her way to her transport pod.

They have barely left dock

Corrie is exploring the Personal Information Tech interface with her pod. It’s obvious that the pod next to her is also doing the same with quite a different take.

     Clicking the pod’s environmental link for the PIT, she immersed herself in petrichor. Corrie drew in the scents, sounds and the breeze of a primordial rainforest. “That’s so much better.”
The sound next door was quite different. Someone was enjoying the benefits of an environmental pornographic fantasy. “Well, I guess it’s a way to pass the time.” Corrie shrugged. Though she was less inclined to go the synthetic route, her steerage neighbor evidently, and with clear volume, declared their choice.
“A little soon to be bored, isn’t it?” Corrie mumbled. She hit the baffle to muffle her neighbor’s loud enjoyment of her dream date orgy.

And that’s Episode 3’s clip this week.

Pick up FREEDOM BOUND: Prologue for FREE (and maybe post a nice few word review in exchange?)


Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! Freedom Bound is Firefly meets Buck Rogers with a bit of boudoir. Welcome to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control the universe, or do they? Each book unravels yet another thread of the Freedom Road for the reader to continually discover.

In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses. Can they trust each other long enough to win this dangerous game?

More of the series will be populating the other vendors this month.

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NOT FEMME FRIDAY: Bulletjournals have nothing to do with artillary

Bulletjournal and my 2016

New Year, New Journal

I know this should be a FEMME FRIDAY post but you know what? I am the AWESOME FEMME this time.  I did a thing!

The thing is bulletJournaling. And it made last year amazing. The best year of my professional career so far!

A quick review of what I did in 2016 and all of the things that bulletjournaling or just daily journaling did for me as an author:

  • I wrote more and more consistently.
  • I tracked my food and lost over 30 pounds of excess weight.
  • I stimulated another part of my brain that likes to make pretty things.
  • I was able to connect more with people I hadn’t been connecting with.
  • I set priorities and followed through.

After a year of consistently  using it (except for when I was in Spain for six weeks) I rewarded myself with a brand new awesome Bujo leather wrap to hold my journals together.

My old 2016 journal and my new leatherbound version.

The important thing to remember is, it doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to work a specific way that isn’t right for you. Make it right for YOU. For instance, I got my friend Julia into bulletjournaling recently.  She’s a jiujitsu athlete, an avid reader, a cosplay fiend and an all around awesome and inspiring person. So she customized the way she lives to the way she journals because bujo is FLEXIBLE. Make it work for YOU.

Here’s some sites that can get you started as a bulletjournaler, whether you’re an author or just someone who wants to put their life in order.

  1. bulletjournal.com – the Granddaddy of the bulletjournal
  2. Pretty Prints and Paper – all the amazing ideas and hacks you can find
  3. Boho Berry – great handwriting and other ideas and oh so pretty
  4. Tiny Ray of Sunshine – smart work ideas
  5. The Plan with Me Challenge on Instagram – inspiration that I continue to return to and that launched me into the habit of Bullet Journaling.

What sites are YOU using for Bullet Journaling ideas?  How are you using the bullet journal in your life?

WeWriWa #8Sunday 11/20/16


WeWriWa Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warrior and 8 Sentence Sunday time, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Writers share an 8 to10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other writers. You can find them here.

A snippet from the soon to be released Baby It’s Cold In Space multi-author book set. Included in that collection is the next Solar Flame stand-alone novella, Still Life.

Jody is a super-capable freedom fighting spy. Ewan is a sexy, nerd astrobiologist. Her mission will destroy his future… she must remain strong, on task, dispassionate, distant… and when that doesn’t work out…

“It’s okay,” Ewan kept his voice low and soothing, taking her face into his hands. “You’re gonna be fine.”

Her mouth formed a perfect “o” as she stared wide-eyed into his eyes. Perfect blue eyes surrounded by thick, tawny lashes.

The stillness enveloped them.

He felt her pulse quicken beneath his fingertips. It wasn’t until he felt her hands on his wrists that he realized it was because he was still holding her face, inches from his.


“You’re okay,” he felt his grin broaden. He couldn’t help it.

Her fingertips stroked the edges of his short beard. “You saved my life.” Her face was so close to his, he could taste the scent of her citrusy lip gloss.

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Still Life – WeWriWa Sunday Snippet 11/13/16


WeWriWa Sunday

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warrior and 8 Sentence Sunday time, the weekly hop for everyone who loves to write! Writers share an 8 to10 sentence snippet. Be sure to visit the other writers. You can find them here.

A snippet from the soon to be released Baby It’s Cold In Space multi-author book set. Included in that collection is the next Solar Flame stand-alone novella, Still Life.

Jody Benson is an undercover agent for the Freedom Road, a reistance organization pledged to protect and free the masses from corporate slavery. Six is a modified lab drone with a peculiar personality. They meet on a frozen planet when Jody’s mission is about to destroy Six’s master’s future.

“Six, you’re not a battle drone. You can’t do this. My suit will protect me.” Without EVA over the armor, she would be a silent deadly killer.

As soon as she pulled the hood up, she began to fade into their surroundings. “My job is to protect and free those in corporate slavery, and if that means dying in the process, I will. Don’t worry,” she reassured Six, “it’ll take more than his spiked tongue to get through this.”

“That is quite the tech…”

“And shhhh about that.”

“Yes, Commander,” Six said.

Jody allowed herself a brief smile. “I risk exposure if I go too fast. The suit camo doesn’t adapt to speed or complicated backgrounds. The corridor is ideal.”

“I will begin the mission clock.”

“Stay on the plan, no matter what, Six. No matter what.”

The drone nodded.

“Let’s move out.”

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July Goals & Accountability

IMG_4130My Goals this July are plenty:

1. Publish Episode 5: Albatross
2. Finish first draft of next Solar Flame release (a novella!)
3. Write 30K (Camp Wrimo goal)
4. Second edit Episode 6: (seeekrit)
5. Back to Hiking – Now that my feet have healed after walking 800km (500miles) across Spain – it’s time to get back on the trail!
6. Characterization Class with Alicia Rasley
7. Research best ROI promo places for promotion reach.
8. Produce Freedom Bound: Special Edition (episodes 1-4) as paperback through CreateSpace.

I’ll check in at the end of the month to see how all of the went.


Femme Friday – WIP Snippet

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

This time I am going to take a piece from an in progress piece, working title: Walking In the Blue.  The book is a star-crossed (heh, see what I did there?) romance with bodice ripping ninjas of course! This is a brief introductory scene for Mei. .

Mei Mei, her mother called her. She wasn’t sure if Mei Mei was her real name or just a nickname. She would never be sure, she knew now. At seventeen she stood in that same dark room and waited for someone to tell her to enter the room where “he” was. “He” was Tang Dong-Qin. He ran the Tang House and controlled intergalactic trade in the sector. If Mei thought more about it, she would know that he had been both her saviour and her captor.
It smelled clean, she thought that was the smell of clean. In the faint memories–primal memory. She remembered something clean, at least she thought it was clean, maybe it was soap. At seven, she knew only dirt, mud, dust and the occasional speck of food, clean bread until it they reached out to take it from the baskets that were lowered into the pits. There was no soap . How did she even know the word?


Femme Friday #4

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

Oh the webs we weave… Shifu Fong tells a tale to Yuen Wen-Mu and sets a plot rolling into misperception land. That Shifu… he’s a smart one!

“She is a woman now, not a girl.” Fong reminded him. “A bright girl has turned into quite a brilliant girl, and it has been three years. In all studies, she has been quite accomplished. She will prove an excellent companion on your journey. But… Master, I caution you.”

Wen blinked, he stopped, brushing the pollen from his woven sharkskin suit. The grey in sharp contrast to the bright greens, reds, and yellows of the garden they walked through. “Caution?”

“Mei is … still very much a child. Naîve, I think.” Fong apologized. “This is my fault. I did not give her enough of the education in the art of love because —” He paused and looked at Wen with unspoken words of explanation. “It would have destroyed her. Made her useless for anything but laundry and shrieking. What I did was make her into the supreme companion you will need on your journey.”

“But what good is it if she cannot come into my bed?” Wen complained. “I mea…” he sighed realizing how stupid that sounded. “No, I will not question your enlightened guidance. She’d better be worth this. What do I do with her?”


Femme Friday #3

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

And that means a clip from Freedom Bound…

“I heard you were a pilot.”
“Yeah, sure… I mean I can nav–wait, who the hell are you?”
His laugh rumbled. “I’m Robert MacClatchy, my friends call me Bob. Your father was my friend.”
“Did I know?” You look like him. You’re built like him, actually.”
“Thanks,” she looked at the older man, “I wish I could take that as a compliment but I never knew him. I’m Corrie. Corrie Scott.”
“Your father…”
“Baby daddy is more like it.” She scoffed.

Corrie has daddy issues.

Teaser Tuesday #1

Teaser Tuesday is here!

From the upcoming, soon to be released episode 3 of Freedom Bound, Mateu:

“Please follow me into the library room.” The woman, with stilted propulsion, managed to move around her desk, giving Corrie an unwelcome memory of a marionette. She followed the woman-like creature through a door that slid open with a soft woosh. It clicked into place leaving an empty threshold. “Would you care for some tea or coffee?”

How does this woman speak? Are her lips even moving?

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