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What’s better than a new release? TWO new releases! I have two anthologies coming out in October, in two compilations: Cosmic Cabaret and OtherWorlds. That means two new kickass heroines.

Aion’s Laurel –  Galactic Geisha Book 1

He’s a warrior but he’ll have to use words, not weapons, to win his Laurel.

Meet Laurel. She’s a Galactic Geisha. What’s that?  This novella is currently being released in the limited edition OtherWorlds compilation. We’ve been working hard at trying to get those pre-sales. My solution? Offer you a free peak of my book! The first chapter is free to download right now!

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“The fan is a part of the martial art dance. When the first Shinzu came here, many Geisha were vulnerable to the lust of predatory men. The fans were developed to be ornate and deadly.” Once again, that honey-tinged voice reached deep into James and drew out his desire. He focused away from her body and back onto the fan.

She held her hand out, palm up, for the fan. Instead, he placed his free hand under it and drew it to his lips. A hand so delicate, so soft and yet when she used it like a weapon it was devastating.

“You’re the most beautiful warrior I’ve ever seen.” He kissed her palm, taking in the scent of her. Floral spices assaulted him, he breathed deeply, closing his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, he regarded her reaction.

A blush that he guessed was usually hidden by her make-up, flowered in her neck and cheeks. The dark tan of her skin was almost like the sands of his homeland. There was something in the tilt of her straight brow and the tones of her voice that spoke to him of Akkadia.

“Would the best-of-the-best honor me with dinner tomorrow?”

Stars Shining Bright Above 

COMING October 10 in the sfr anthology  COSMIC CABARET

I have to thank the authors of the Cosmic Cabaret anthology for trusting in my crazy idea and running with it. Travel with us on the LS Quantum, a luxury star liner metropolis that is the size of a small moon. My contribution? A smexy love story that’s a murder mystery with intrigue of intergalactic conspiracy, and a happy ending.


Zane stood and for a second she thought he was going to let her go, but his urgency pressed hard at her belly. Expert caresses slid down across her bottom, the panties that she’d just slipped into place were shooed out of the way, past her knees, her ankles, and kicked off as more teasing petting beckoned. Astra didn’t care where she had to be. Desire blazed in a flash of paper in fire.




Check out the first chapters of all the books in Cosmic Cabaret here:

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  1. The excerpt was marvelous, loved the whole idea of the fan as a weapon. Putting on my Moderator hat for a moment, we allow 8 to 10 sentences and yours is quite a bit over that. Also we don’t do two excerpts in one post, so a note for the future. THanks and best wishes on the two new releases.

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