SFR Brigade Showcase – Two for the show!

it’s sfr brigade showcase time!

Normally, on Friday you’ll see some kickass chicks of real life or fiction. But today, I’ve joined up with some other fabulous science fiction romance authors as part of the SFR Brigade Showcase.To check out all the other great posts from the featured authors, click here. Amazing authors of sci-fi romance to be discovered!

Ok… let’s go!



I’m excited to share the 99¢ Pre-Order of a SCIFIROM/ParanormalRom Book Set, OTHERWORLDS.
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two! (for the show)

FREEDOM BOUND: SLIPPING THE LEASH (serial part 4) — preorder party!!

Remember Corrie? Freedom Bound’s heroine is back! I’m celebrating the pre-order and upcoming release of… Freedom Bound: SLIPPING THE LEASH which includes the next three episodes of my six part novel being released as a serial: Freedom Bound.

This has been a long project for me, one of my ‘learning experience’ books that I decided to take a chance on serializing.

Here’s a quick excerpt (see, I said show!!!)

“No harm no foul.” Her voice was clipped as she tried to shrug it off, but her legs were still wobbling,  “You pack a hell of a kiss.”

He blushed. He actually blushed. It was so damn adorable. He re-adjusted the towel around his middle trying to be inconspicuous about the bulge. A bulge that was not going away, she noticed with greedy eyes. His flush deepened. “Please, don’t be offended.” He bent down to retrieve her towel.

“I’m the one that’s sorry.” she offered.

The guy is blushing. He’s modest? Moral?  Quaint?  Charming? It was old fashioned in a way that Corrie had only read about in ancient books about chivalry.

Corrie smiled, feeling shy for the first time in years.  She took the towel from his hand and resisted the urge to curtsy.

“Here, you must be cold.” His hand warmed her while his gaze lingered on the tight pink peaks of her breasts, perking them further. The corner of his lips quirked a smile before he averted his gaze.

She wrapped the towel around herself. His is eyes darted back, skimmed her in approval, and dipped away.

“I won’t bother you again,” he said.

Okay? Why not? You confusing… frustrating… hunk of hotness. “I’ll um… see you around?” She twirled and left the bathroom quickly as unexpected heat rose to her cheeks. She crossed the hallway and found her door, pressing her palm to the reco-key.

The door clicked open to her room and she stepped in and shut it quickly behind her. Corrie took a deep ragged breath as she closed her eyes. A light flickered on and off at the query panel but she ignored it. It wasn’t Jody. That wouldn’t come until after her meeting. It was probably one of the background checks she’d ordered. Either Bob, or Mat.

It didn’t matter.

In six hours, she would be meeting with Bob again and with luck had a meeting with a spoiled rich asshat named Mateu Parker.


Each episode is only 99¢ and the first is FREE!

Check it out now!




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It’s your turn! Click a link and check out the rest of the Brigade’s offerings, buy a pre-order, and have fun with SciFiRom!


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