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Last week was the launch of the first book in my new SCIFI- Urban Fantasy series: The Guardians of Ghael.

In the last week of winter on the Rainforest Writer’s retreat, in Quinault, I sat down and wrote the first draft of this novella. The inspiration around me was astounding. There were twenty or more speculative fiction authors, some of whom have won Nebulas and Hugos. That weekend I took my next steps in my writing career.

This book was released on June 13th.


FOX TRAP – a little about the book

Lies. Shifters. And space vampires.

Elly Morgan’s a PI on a mission to capture a murderer. But when she encounters him in an alley on her home moon, she discovers he’s more dangerous than she expected—too much even for a foxkin like her to handle.

Detective Blaine Cornell’s tracking the same murderous quarry—and though teaming up with the beautiful ex-cop-turned-PI makes sense, the secrets he must keep from her put them both in a life-and death-struggle to save her kindred.

If they can’t learn to trust each other, they could both lose everything. And set a blood-sucking fiend loose on the innocent inhabitants of the moons of Ghael.

Your snippet of loveliness! Another snip of Elly and Blaine’s first meeting:

Elly knew the scent of a lie. It was cloying like a bouquet of crushed fermenting honey flowers after sitting too long in the sun. There wasn’t a truth telling soul in the city of Ballylock.

Truth felt uncomfortable. Sticky. Like tar on her fur, hard to hide and painful to remove. Her whole existence and that of her entire race was built on a carefully crafted lie. Secrets helped them stay hidden. She didn’t even know what the truth was, some days, like right now with Blaine Cornell. She wanted to know more. And that sticky tar of truth was going to get on her if she wasn’t careful. He was covered in good intentions.

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Aboard Ebudae, a cargo ship of the Cordoba Constellar Conglomerate, Captain Jody Benson, who, for the purpose of her undercover operation is posing Specialist Jody Wall, is on her way to the remote, uninhabited ice planet of Tapogoani XII. The climate can kill.

Jody’s mission? For the sake of millions of freed slaves, she will destroy all traces of an old Freedom Road stop. Jody wakes up from a leisurely nap only to find that the ship she’s on is crashing into an ice planet and nobody else aboard is alive.

Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts is excited that finally his equipment is arriving, only to realize that Ebudae is crashing. As he watches in horror, his sidekick the robotic companion, Six, accompanies him to the site to locate the one remaining crew member that is still alive, Benson.

And that’s just the beginning!

Along the way, Jody and Ewan must learn to trust one another. They’ll have to rely on each other and fight a common enemy– the freezing planet and the storms that threaten to kill them–before the relief ship arrives.

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  1. Hmmm… interesting that she’d rather shy away from the truth. Usually characters-and real people- would prefer the truth. Unless of course it’s a truth they know they can’t handle. Nice job, and good luck with the new book!

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