WeWriWa 3/19/17

Freedom Bound Episode 3: Mateu


So here we are, Episode 3 is being rereleased after some heavy edits. New cover. Rebrand!

What is in the new book? Why is it better? Why do you need it? There’s less naval gazing and more trust in the reader to understand and inhabit the world.

This vignette is a little earlier in the episode than last week’s.

Corrie has just gotten aboard a transport ship, bought a ticket in steerage and has made her way to her transport pod.

They have barely left dock

Corrie is exploring the Personal Information Tech interface with her pod. It’s obvious that the pod next to her is also doing the same with quite a different take.

     Clicking the pod’s environmental link for the PIT, she immersed herself in petrichor. Corrie drew in the scents, sounds and the breeze of a primordial rainforest. “That’s so much better.”
The sound next door was quite different. Someone was enjoying the benefits of an environmental pornographic fantasy. “Well, I guess it’s a way to pass the time.” Corrie shrugged. Though she was less inclined to go the synthetic route, her steerage neighbor evidently, and with clear volume, declared their choice.
“A little soon to be bored, isn’t it?” Corrie mumbled. She hit the baffle to muffle her neighbor’s loud enjoyment of her dream date orgy.

And that’s Episode 3’s clip this week.

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Bodice Ripping Ninjas in Space! Freedom Bound is Firefly meets Buck Rogers with a bit of boudoir. Welcome to the Solar Flame universe where corporate suzerains control the universe, or do they? Each book unravels yet another thread of the Freedom Road for the reader to continually discover.

In Freedom Bound, Corrie Scott, late of Frobisher Corporation finds herself unleashed in enemy territory alone for the first time in her life. But she is plagued by the threat of corporate slavery and devilishly handsome Mat Parker. Together they must battle through ridiculous red tape, space pirates, and backstabbing double crosses. Can they trust each other long enough to win this dangerous game?

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  1. Interesting benefit of space travel. LOL I wonder how long it will take before she goes searching for her own “entertainment.” Nice snippet.

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