Still Life – WeWriWa Sunday Snippet 11/13/16


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A snippet from the soon to be released Baby It’s Cold In Space multi-author book set. Included in that collection is the next Solar Flame stand-alone novella, Still Life.

Jody Benson is an undercover agent for the Freedom Road, a reistance organization pledged to protect and free the masses from corporate slavery. Six is a modified lab drone with a peculiar personality. They meet on a frozen planet when Jody’s mission is about to destroy Six’s master’s future.

“Six, you’re not a battle drone. You can’t do this. My suit will protect me.” Without EVA over the armor, she would be a silent deadly killer.

As soon as she pulled the hood up, she began to fade into their surroundings. “My job is to protect and free those in corporate slavery, and if that means dying in the process, I will. Don’t worry,” she reassured Six, “it’ll take more than his spiked tongue to get through this.”

“That is quite the tech…”

“And shhhh about that.”

“Yes, Commander,” Six said.

Jody allowed herself a brief smile. “I risk exposure if I go too fast. The suit camo doesn’t adapt to speed or complicated backgrounds. The corridor is ideal.”

“I will begin the mission clock.”

“Stay on the plan, no matter what, Six. No matter what.”

The drone nodded.

“Let’s move out.”

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28 thoughts on “Still Life – WeWriWa Sunday Snippet 11/13/16

    • Aha! The book is on presale, you can find out just how badly or how brilliantly it went right after Thanksgiving. 😀 Of course a new snippet will be up next week. No guarantee it’s the next line, tho!

  1. Since they’re relying on stealth, hopefully Jody doesn’t get caught! I like the ‘no matter what.’ It makes me think Six isn’t so good at staying with the plan.

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