Femme Friday – WIP Snippet

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

This time I am going to take a piece from an in progress piece, working title: Walking In the Blue.  The book is a star-crossed (heh, see what I did there?) romance with bodice ripping ninjas of course! This is a brief introductory scene for Mei. .

Mei Mei, her mother called her. She wasn’t sure if Mei Mei was her real name or just a nickname. She would never be sure, she knew now. At seventeen she stood in that same dark room and waited for someone to tell her to enter the room where “he” was. “He” was Tang Dong-Qin. He ran the Tang House and controlled intergalactic trade in the sector. If Mei thought more about it, she would know that he had been both her saviour and her captor.
It smelled clean, she thought that was the smell of clean. In the faint memories–primal memory. She remembered something clean, at least she thought it was clean, maybe it was soap. At seven, she knew only dirt, mud, dust and the occasional speck of food, clean bread until it they reached out to take it from the baskets that were lowered into the pits. There was no soap . How did she even know the word?