Femme Friday #4

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

Oh the webs we weave… Shifu Fong tells a tale to Yuen Wen-Mu and sets a plot rolling into misperception land. That Shifu… he’s a smart one!

“She is a woman now, not a girl.” Fong reminded him. “A bright girl has turned into quite a brilliant girl, and it has been three years. In all studies, she has been quite accomplished. She will prove an excellent companion on your journey. But… Master, I caution you.”

Wen blinked, he stopped, brushing the pollen from his woven sharkskin suit. The grey in sharp contrast to the bright greens, reds, and yellows of the garden they walked through. “Caution?”

“Mei is … still very much a child. Naîve, I think.” Fong apologized. “This is my fault. I did not give her enough of the education in the art of love because —” He paused and looked at Wen with unspoken words of explanation. “It would have destroyed her. Made her useless for anything but laundry and shrieking. What I did was make her into the supreme companion you will need on your journey.”

“But what good is it if she cannot come into my bed?” Wen complained. “I mea…” he sighed realizing how stupid that sounded. “No, I will not question your enlightened guidance. She’d better be worth this. What do I do with her?”