Femme Friday #2

Femme Friday is here!

Femme Fatale original artwork by Kyle Shold. Used by Permission.

Today is “crappy first draft” day for FF. Here are some excerpts from this week’s sprinting. Sprinting is when a writer sets a timer and just writes, no stopping, for a set amount of time. This is pre-edit…eep! Let’s get on with it!

When the storms raged outside, she would curl up in a ball in the corner of her room away from any person or thing. It reminded her of the mines of her childhood. It reminded her of losing her family. She couldn’t remember their faces anymore. All that was left were dim shadows. Whispers and snatches of their voices were all she had left. That, and the noise and the sounds and the smells of human waste and sweat and the death that had been around her. She remembered the day she was separated from them and never saw them again. The horrible day that began a terror. That’s when she was taken to the Tang house.