Guardians of Ghael – Noir meets foxkin

Lies. Shifters. Space Vampires.

Guardians of Ghael is  the lovechild of Dashiell Hammett and Cowboy Bebop, a genre mashup of noir detective, urban fantasy, and scifi.  Intrigued?

Fox Trap – Guardians of Ghael Book 1

Guardians of Ghael Book 1When Elly Morgan, an ex-cop-turned-PI, is recruited by her government, she’s confident she can handle this unsub. But when she traps him in an alley, he’s a lot more than this tough foxkin handle.
Enter Detective Blaine Cornell, the Chief Inspector from Lumina, and a blood-sucking sanguinary as far as Elly is concerned. The Brother hood have sent him to catch the serial killer. The same quarry as our tough-as-nails foxkin.
Elly and Blaine will have to learn to trust one another, at least a little, to catch the serial killer making a buffet of her people—the legendary Seannach.
Currently this book is exclusively available only through the Myths & Magic book set on Amazon and FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

OutFoxed  – coming in 2018

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