Solar Flame



Solar Flame = Space + romance

Firefly meets Buck Rogers and a bit of boudoir! That’s what the Solar Flame series is all about.

A  pulpy SciFi Romance series, Solar Flame is set within a backdrop of a future filled with greedy corporate suzerains threatens to take the very thing that makes us human away, our creativity.

In the larger scale, Solar Flame is space opera. In the smaller scale, there’s romance.

As a long time fan of pulpy science fiction with a healthy (or unhealthy) love of romantic drama, Solar Flame is the realized dream of the author. Expect serialized fiction, delivered fresh to your eReader, full of exciting twists and turns, pulpy drama, a bit of sexy steam,  ass-kicking women, and happily-for-now endings.

Bodice ripping ninjas to the rescue! Strong women are gonna save the universe, don’cha know?

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